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XXIV Cup City of Verona - Memorial Enrico Molesini

OPEN Tournament of International Draughts

valid for FMJD Rating (40%)

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March 2020

Where: Centro La Pineta (ex DLF)
Via Camuzzoni 1/A (near the Railway Station/Bus Station)
Verona - Italy

Volantino / Leaflet : italiano, english.

Tournament Rules

1.  The “24th Cup City of Verona – Memorial Enrico Molesini”, OPEN tournament of international draughts, will take place in Verona (Italy), on 21 and 22 March 2020, at the sporting center “La Pineta”, Via Camuzzoni 1.

Start: Saturday 21 March, at 13:30.
End: Sunday, 22 March, at 17:30.

Inscriptions are taken on Saturday 21 between 13:00 and 13:30.

2.  All players, either members of the Italian Draughts Federation for 2020 or members of another Draughts Federation affiliated to FMJD, may enroll in the tournament. Foreign players are kindly requested to communicate their presence in advance by e-mail or mobile to Mr. Emanuele Danese (see below contacts in “Organization”).

3.  Italian players will be registered with their FID Rating. Foreign players who don’t have a FID Rating will be registered using the conversion formula for their FMJD Rating into FID Rating, in accordance with FID and FMJD regulations.

4.  There will be only one main group (OPEN) for all the players.
Participants will play 6 rounds of games. The FID (Italian) Swiss system will be employed.
A time control of 35 minutes plus 30 seconds of recharge per move (Fischer system) will be applied.
Results will count towards the FID Rating (100%) and the FMJD Rating (40%).

5.  For Italian players of the last category there will be a special group on Sunday.

6.  The enrolment fee is 15 € (free for GMIs).

7.  The Closing Ceremony with the award of prizes is scheduled at about 17:00 on Sunday 22.

8.  The Main Arbiter is allowed to adapt the general FID rules and regulations for competitions in order to conduct the tournament at its best.

9.  Any player may lodge a complaint with the Main Arbiter, together with the amount of 30 €. Money will be returned if the complaint is accepted.

10. For all the remaining issues the general FID and FMJD rules and regulations will be in place.

Schedule - OPEN GROUP 

Saturday 21 March:    1st round          at 13:30
                                    2nd round         at 15:40 (estimated)
                                    3rd round         at 17:50 (estimated)

Sunday 22 March:      4th round         at   9:00                                              
                                    5th round         at 11:10 (estimated)
                                    6th round         at 14:30 (estimated)


The total amount of prizes is minimum 1,000 €.

Three categories of prizes are provided: the first category (based on the final General Ranking), the second and the third. All participants may compete for the first category, and some participants may also compete for the second and the third, according to a “formal” subdivision of the players into 3 equal subgroups, based on their initial FID rating.

Therefore, the following prizes will be up for grab:
First category (General Ranking): 1st 300 €, 2nd 200 €, 3rd 100 €, 4th 50 €, 5th 50 €
Second category: 1st 100 € and 2nd 50 €
Third category: 1st 60 € and 2nd 40 €
There is also a prize for the best woman (€ 50). Cumulation of prizes, if earned, is allowed.


The OPEN Tournament will be held at the sporting center “La Pineta”, via Camuzzoni 1/A, in the city of Verona, close to the railway Station, to the Flixbus stop and to the beautiful city center. There is a parking available. 
Very close to the sporting center there is “Hotel Piccolo” (tel.: +39 045-569400), which you can book with a special convention (“DAMA”).
For the night of Friday 20 March (and before):
Little matrimonial french - 1 person: 60 € / Night
Double Standard - 2 persons: 70 € / Night
For the night of Saturday 21 March (and the following):
Little matrimonial french - 1 person: 89 € / Night
Double Standard - 2 persons: 102 € / Night

Of course, there are also many others B&B or hotels you can find on the web (organizers are friendly available for transportation). We suggest to book As Soon As Possible.


In the sporting center there is a restaurant with very cheap prices.


The OPEN Tournament is organized by Verona draughts club “Circolo Damistico Veronese “Enrico Molesini””, under the supervision of his President M° Emanuele Danese:
· E-mail:
· mobile: +39 329 4026314
· Facebook: Event Page: XXIV Coppa “Città di Verona” – Memorial Enrico Molesini