XXVII Cup City of Verona - Memorial "Enrico Molesini”

OPEN Tournament of International Draughts

valid for FMJD Rating (40%)

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 March 2024

Tournament Venue: 
Via B. Longhena 42 (main entrance: Via San Marco 9/11)
Verona, Italy

Leaflet: italian/english

Main Arbiter: Ezio Valentini 
Side Arbiters: Teresa Zamboni, Teodorino Brancaleone, Loris Berengan

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Rules and Regulations

1.  The “XXVII Cup City of Verona – Memorial Enrico Molesini”, OPEN tournament of international draughts, will take place in Verona (Italy), on the 9th and the 10th of March 2024, at Hotel San Marco, Via B. Longhena 42.

Start: Saturday, March 9, at 13:30.
End: Sunday, March 10, at 17:30.

Inscriptions are taken on Saturday 9 between 13:00 and 13:30.

2.  All players, either members of the Italian Draughts Federation for 2024 or members of another Draughts Federation affiliated to FMJD, may enroll in the tournament. All players (but especially foreign players) are kindly requested to communicate their presence in advance by e-mail or mobile to Mr. Emanuele Danese (see below contacts in “Organization and contacts”).

3.  Italian players will be registered with their FID Rating. Foreign players who don’t have a FID Rating will be registered using the conversion formula for their FMJD Rating into FID Rating, in accordance with FID regulations.

4.  There will be only one main group (OPEN) for all the players.
Participants will play 6 rounds of games. A Swiss system will be employed.
A time control of 30 minutes plus 30 seconds of recharge per move (Fischer system) will be applied.
Results will count towards the FID Rating (100%) and the FMJD Rating (40%).

5.  For Italian players of the last category there will be a special group on Sunday.

6.  The enrolment fee is 15 €, and 3 € for boys and girls Under 18 (free for GMIs and GMIFs).

7.  The Closing Ceremony with the award of prizes is scheduled at about 17:00 on Sunday 10.

8.  The Main Arbiter is allowed to adapt the general FID rules and regulations for competitions in order to conduct the tournament at its best.

9.  Any player may lodge a complaint with the Main Arbiter, together with the amount of 30 €. Money will be returned if the complaint is accepted.

10. For all the remaining issues, the general FID and FMJD rules and regulations will be in place.

Schedule - OPEN GROUP 

Saturday 9 March:       1st round          at 13:30
                                     2nd round         at 15:40 (estimated)
                                     3rd round         at 17:50 (estimated)

Sunday 10 March:        4th round         at   9:00                                              
                                      5th round         at 11:10 (estimated)
                                      6th round         at 14:30 (estimated)


The total amount of prizes is 2,000 € (*).

Several categories of prizes will be in place: the first category will be based on the final General Ranking, others will be formed according to a “formal” subdivision of the players into equal subgroups (1 every 15 players), based on their initial FID rating, plus one for women. Assuming a number of players between 46 and 60, prizes (in €) will be:

                               1°      2°       3°       4°       5°       6°       7°       8°     9°     10°

First group        300    200    120     100      80       70       60      50      40     40

Second group    100     80      60       40

Third group        60      50      40       30

Fourth group      60      50      40       30

Women                80      60      50       40      30


(*) New Italian laws require a fiscal deduction on each prize. Each gross amount should be reduced by 20% to estimate the net prize. The money will be accredited by bank transfer.

If the number of players is less than 46 or more than 60, the prize money will be adjusted (keeping the total unchanged, or possibly increasing it) and communicated before the start of the competition

Prizes are not cumulative between groups: the highest prize excludes the other, with the next player in the ranking being awarded.

Cup to the first 3 classified, to the first woman, to the first junior, first cadet and first mini-cadet. Prize for the player from the farthest Italian club.


The tournament will be held at Hotel San Marco Fitness Pool & SPA, via B. Longhena 42 (also via S. Marco 9/11), in the city of Verona, pretty close to the railway Station (connection through buses n. 11 and 95), and to the beautiful city center. The Hotel has its own (free) car park.

Hotel San Marco contacts: Tel. +39 045 8944292. E-mail: sanmarco@sanmarco.vr.it
Web site: www.sanmarco.vr.it.

The FLIXBUS Verona bus stop is next to the railway station. Closest airports are Verona (Villafranca), VRN, and Milan Bergamo (Orio al Serio), BGY.

Accommodation and meals

It is possible to book the accommodation at the same Hotel San Marco, with a 15% discount for the occasion, on the website www.sanmarco.vr.it, by entering the Coupon "torneodama24" (prices may rise with time).

There is a well-stocked bar at the hotel (especially for quick lunches/snacks on Saturdays and Sundays). The hotel has a restaurant, but at the moment it is only available by (early) reservation: for dinners we recommend a pizzeria/restaurant in the area (the Stadium or Piazza San Zeno are at 10-minute walking distance) or a room delivery service.

Anti-Covid 19 provisions

Currently there aren't specific compulsory measures on the subject.

Organization and contacts

The Tournament is organized by the Veronese draughts club, “Circolo Damistico Veronese “Enrico Molesini””, under the supervision of its President, National Master Emanuele Danese:
· E-mail: danese.emanuele@gmail.com
· mobile: +39 329 4026314
· Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/776829884252518